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Arbescato Silver Marble

Arbescato Silver Marble is a stunning natural stone that brings a touch of sophistication and elegance to any interior or exterior space. Its unique blend of silver and white hues, accented with striking grey veining, makes it a popular choice for homeowners, designers, and architects alike.

The Allure of Arbescato Silver Marble

Distinctive Appearance

The distinct pattern and color palette of Arbescato Silver Marble set it apart from other marble varieties. Each slab is a masterpiece of nature, offering a unique design that can transform an ordinary space into a luxurious haven.

Versatility in Design

Whether you’re aiming for a modern, classic, or contemporary look, Arbescato Silver Marble seamlessly integrates with various design themes. Its neutral tones provide a perfect backdrop for bold accents or can stand out as the focal point in a minimalist setting.

Arbescato Silver Tile: Elegance Underfoot

Durable Flooring Option

Arbescato Silver Tiles are not just visually appealing but also highly durable. They can withstand heavy foot traffic, making them an ideal choice for flooring in residential and commercial spaces.

Easy Maintenance

Maintaining the pristine look of Arbescato Silver Tiles is effortless. Regular cleaning with a mild detergent and occasional sealing will keep them looking as good as new for years to come.

Choose Arifeen Marble for Your Arbescato Silver Marble Needs

At Arifeen Marble, we pride ourselves on providing top-quality Arbescato Silver Marble and expert installation services. Our team of skilled professionals ensures that every project is executed with precision, delivering stunning results that exceed your expectations.

Why Choose Arifeen Marble?

  • Expertise: Our extensive experience in marble installation and finishing guarantees flawless results.
  • Quality Assurance: We source only the finest Arbescato Silver Marble, ensuring its beauty and durability.
  • Custom Solutions: Whether it’s flooring, countertops, or wall cladding, we offer tailored solutions to meet your specific needs.

Pros and Cons


Aesthetic Appeal

Arbescato Silver Marble is renowned for its stunning beauty, with its intricate veining and unique silver-gray coloration adding a touch of sophistication to any space.


As a natural stone, Arbescato Silver Marble is incredibly durable and can last for decades if properly maintained, making it a wise investment for both residential and commercial properties.

Heat Resistance

Marble, including Arbescato Silver, is naturally resistant to heat, making it an excellent choice for kitchen countertops where hot pots and pans are often placed.

Adds Value to Property

Incorporating Arbescato Silver Marble into your home or business can significantly increase the value of your property, making it a desirable asset in the real estate market.



Marble is a porous material, and Arbescato Silver Marble is no exception. It can be susceptible to staining if spills are not promptly cleaned up.


To preserve its beauty, Arbescato Silver Marble requires regular sealing to prevent stains and etching. This maintenance might be considered a drawback for some homeowners.


High-quality Arbescato Silver Marble can be on the pricier side, making it a significant investment. However, its durability and timeless appeal often justify the cost.

Susceptibility to Scratches

Marble is softer than some other natural stones, making it more prone to scratches. Care should be taken to avoid dragging sharp or abrasive objects across its surface.

Why Arifeen Marble is Your Ideal Choice

At Arifeen Marble, we understand the unique characteristics of Arbescato Silver Marble and provide expert guidance on its care and maintenance. Our team is equipped to handle the installation and finishing with precision, ensuring that your marble surfaces remain beautiful and functional for years to come.

Whether you’re considering Arbescato Silver Marble for your flooring, countertops, or other architectural features, Arifeen Marble is here to help you make an informed decision and provide top-notch installation services. Contact us today to discuss your project and explore the possibilities of enhancing your space with this exquisite natural stone.

Expert Care and Maintenance

Regular Cleaning

To maintain the pristine condition of Arbescato Silver Marble, regular cleaning is essential. Use a soft cloth and a gentle, pH-neutral cleaner to avoid damaging the surface. Avoid acidic or abrasive cleaners that can etch or scratch the marble.

Prompt Spill Cleanup

Marble is susceptible to staining, so it’s crucial to clean up spills immediately. Blot the spill with a clean, dry cloth and then clean the area with mild soap and water.


Arbescato Silver Marble should be sealed periodically to protect it from stains and moisture. At Arifeen Marble, we recommend professional sealing services to ensure optimal protection and longevity of your marble surfaces.

Avoiding Scratches

Use coasters, trivets, and cutting boards to prevent scratches and etching on your marble countertops. Avoid dragging heavy objects across the marble to prevent scratching.

Professional Maintenance

For deep cleaning, polishing, or repair of any damages, it’s best to rely on professionals. Arifeen Marble offers expert maintenance services to keep your Arbescato Silver Marble looking its best.

Myths and Facts

Myth: Marble is Easily Stained and Damaged

Fact: While marble is porous, proper sealing and prompt cleanup of spills can greatly reduce the risk of staining and damage. With the right care, marble can maintain its beauty for decades.

Myth: Marble is High-Maintenance

Fact: Regular cleaning, sealing, and basic precautions to avoid scratches are all that’s needed to keep marble in top condition. While it does require some care, it’s not as high-maintenance as some believe.

Myth: Marble is Only for High-End Projects

Fact: While marble is often associated with luxury, it can be a viable option for various budgets. Arbescato Silver Marble, with its unique beauty, can add value and elegance to any project, big or small.

Myth: All Marble Looks the Same

Fact: Each marble slab is unique, with its own patterns and color variations. Arbescato Silver Marble is distinct for its silver and white hues with striking grey veining, setting it apart from other types of marble.

Home Décor and Architecture

Elevating Interiors with Marble Accents

Arbescato Silver Marble can be used in various ways to enhance the interior design of a home. Consider marble countertops for a luxurious kitchen, marble flooring for an elegant entryway, or a marble fireplace surround for a sophisticated living room focal point.

Combining Functionality and Aesthetics in Bathrooms

In bathrooms, Arbescato Silver Marble can be used for vanity tops, shower walls, and flooring, combining durability and water resistance with stunning aesthetics. Its unique veining and color palette add a spa-like ambiance to the space.

Creating Timeless Outdoor Spaces

Arbescato Silver Marble is not just for interiors; it can also be used in outdoor areas. Marble garden benches, fountains, or patio flooring can elevate the look of outdoor living spaces, making them more inviting and stylish.

Architectural Elements with a Touch of Elegance

Incorporate Arbescato Silver Marble into architectural elements such as columns, staircases, or window sills for a touch of elegance and grandeur. These features can become striking visual points in a home’s design.

Mixing and Matching with Other Materials

Arbescato Silver Marble pairs beautifully with other materials such as wood, metal, and glass. Combining marble with these materials can create a balanced and harmonious look in any room.

Arifeen Marble: Your Partner in Home Décor and Architecture

At Arifeen Marble, we understand the importance of selecting the right materials for your home décor and architectural projects. Our team of experts can guide you in choosing the best applications for Arbescato Silver Marble, ensuring that it complements your design vision and enhances the overall aesthetic of your space.

Whether you’re renovating an existing home or building a new one, Arifeen Marble is here to provide you with high-quality Arbescato Silver Marble and professional installation services. Contact us today to explore how we can help bring your design ideas to life with the timeless beauty of marble.

Arbescato Silver Marble in Various Spaces: Office, Bathroom, Kitchen, and Bedroom

Office: A Statement of Sophistication

In the office, Arbescato Silver Marble can be used for reception desks, conference tables, or accent walls, creating an atmosphere of professionalism and elegance. Its unique pattern and coloration can leave a lasting impression on clients and employees alike.

Bathroom: A Haven of Luxury

Transform your bathroom into a luxurious retreat with Arbescato Silver Marble. Use it for vanity tops, shower walls, or flooring to create a cohesive and serene space. The natural beauty of the marble adds a touch of sophistication and tranquility to your daily routine.

Kitchen: The Heart of the Home

The kitchen is where Arbescato Silver Marble truly shines. Use it for countertops, backsplashes, or kitchen islands to create a stunning focal point. Its durability and heat resistance make it ideal for the kitchen environment, while its beauty elevates the overall aesthetic of the space.

Bedroom: A Touch of Elegance

Incorporate Arbescato Silver Marble into your bedroom design for a touch of elegance and luxury. Consider a marble headboard, bedside tables, or decorative accents to add a sophisticated and calming element to your private sanctuary.

Arifeen Marble: Your Trusted Partner for All Spaces

At Arifeen Marble, we specialize in providing high-quality Arbescato Silver Marble for various spaces, including offices, bathrooms, kitchens, and bedrooms. Our team of experts can assist you in selecting the perfect marble for your project, ensuring that it not only meets your aesthetic requirements but also your functional needs.

Whether you’re looking to create a statement piece in your office, a luxurious bathroom, a stunning kitchen, or an elegant bedroom, Arifeen Marble has the expertise and resources to make your vision a reality. Contact us today to explore the possibilities of Arbescato Silver Marble in your space.


1. Arbescato Silver Marble Countertops

  • Description: Elevate your kitchen or bathroom with our exquisite Arbescato Silver Marble countertops. Their unique veining and subtle color palette add sophistication to any space.
  • Ideal for: Kitchens, bathrooms, bars, and reception areas.

2. Arbescato Silver Marble Flooring

  • Description: Transform your floors into a work of art with our durable and elegant Arbescato Silver Marble tiles. They provide a timeless and luxurious foundation for any room.
  • Ideal for: Entryways, living rooms, bathrooms, and commercial spaces.

3. Arbescato Silver Marble Wall Cladding

  • Description: Create stunning feature walls with our Arbescato Silver Marble slabs. Their dramatic veining and silver hues add depth and character to any interior or exterior wall.
  • Ideal for: Accent walls, fireplace surrounds, and exterior facades.

4. Arbescato Silver Marble Vanity Tops

  • Description: Add a touch of luxury to your bathroom with our Arbescato Silver Marble vanity tops. They are both functional and aesthetically pleasing, enhancing the overall ambiance of the space.
  • Ideal for: Bathrooms, powder rooms, and spa areas.

5. Arbescato Silver Marble Tabletops

  • Description: Our Arbescato Silver Marble tabletops are perfect for adding elegance to your dining or coffee tables. Their unique patterns and colors make them standout pieces in any room.
  • Ideal for: Dining tables, coffee tables, and office desks.

6. Arbescato Silver Marble Backsplashes

  • Description: Complement your countertops with our matching Arbescato Silver Marble backsplashes. They protect your walls from splashes while adding a cohesive and stylish look to your kitchen or bathroom.
  • Ideal for: Kitchens and bathrooms.

7. Arbescato Silver Marble Decorative Accessories

  • Description: Enhance your home decor with our range of Arbescato Silver Marble accessories, including vases, trays, and coasters. These pieces add a touch of luxury to any setting.
  • Ideal for: Living rooms, bedrooms, and office spaces.


The Importance of Polishing

Polishing is a crucial process in enhancing the natural beauty and shine of Arbescato Silver Marble. It not only brings out the unique veining and color variations of the marble but also provides a protective layer that helps maintain its elegance for years to come.

The Polishing Process

  1. Cleaning: The marble surface is thoroughly cleaned to remove any dirt, dust, or stains.
  2. Grinding: Specialized grinding machines are used to smooth out any roughness, preparing the surface for polishing.
  3. Honing: This step involves further smoothing the surface with finer abrasives to eliminate any scratches or imperfections.
  4. Polishing: High-quality polishing compounds are applied to the marble, and buffing machines are used to achieve a glossy, reflective finish.
  5. Sealing: Finally, a sealant is applied to protect the polished surface from stains and moisture.

Maintaining the Polish

  • Regular Cleaning: Use a soft cloth and mild, pH-neutral cleaner to keep the marble surface clean and free from spills.
  • Avoid Abrasives: Do not use harsh chemicals or abrasive materials that can scratch or dull the polished surface.
  • Prompt Spill Cleanup: Quickly clean up any spills, especially acidic substances like wine or lemon juice, to prevent etching.
  • Periodic Re-polishing: Depending on the level of use and wear, the marble may require professional re-polishing to restore its original shine.

Arifeen Marble’s Expert Polishing Services

At Arifeen Marble, we offer expert polishing services to ensure your Arbescato Silver Marble remains stunning and vibrant. Our skilled technicians use state-of-the-art equipment and techniques to achieve the perfect finish, enhancing the natural beauty of the marble while providing long-lasting protection.

Whether it’s for your countertops, floors, or decorative pieces, trust Arifeen Marble to bring out the best in your Arbescato Silver Marble with our professional polishing services. Contact us today to schedule your marble polishing and experience the difference in quality and craftsmanship.

Types of Arbescato Silver Marble

1. Classic Arbescato Silver Marble

  • Description: The Classic Arbescato Silver Marble features a predominantly white base with soft silver-gray veining, creating a timeless and elegant look.
  • Ideal for: Traditional and contemporary interiors, countertops, flooring, and wall cladding.

2. Arbescato Silver Veined Marble

  • Description: This variation is characterized by more pronounced and dramatic silver-gray veining, adding a bold and striking appearance to any space.
  • Ideal for: Accent walls, statement pieces, and areas where a dramatic visual impact is desired.

3. Arbescato Silver Honed Marble

  • Description: Honed Arbescato Silver Marble has a matte finish that provides a softer, more natural look while retaining the marble’s inherent beauty.
  • Ideal for: Floors, countertops, and areas where a less reflective surface is preferred.

4. Arbescato Silver Polished Marble

  • Description: Polished Arbescato Silver Marble boasts a high-gloss finish that enhances the stone’s natural colors and patterns, creating a luxurious and sophisticated feel.
  • Ideal for: Luxurious interiors, countertops, backsplashes, and areas where a reflective surface is desired.

5. Arbescato Silver Brushed Marble

  • Description: Brushed Arbescato Silver Marble features a textured surface achieved through a brushing process, providing a more rustic and tactile feel.
  • Ideal for: Outdoor areas, flooring, and spaces where slip resistance and a natural aesthetic are important.

6. Arbescato Silver Tumbled Marble

  • Description: Tumbled Arbescato Silver Marble has an aged and weathered appearance with softened edges, giving it a charming and antique look.
  • Ideal for: Vintage-inspired designs, backsplashes, and flooring in areas where an old-world charm is desired.

Arbescato Silver Marble PRICE IN DUBAI

ThicknessFinishPrice per Square Meter
20 mmPolishedAED 450 – AED 600
20 mmHonedAED 400 – AED 550
30 mmPolishedAED 500 – AED 650
30 mmHonedAED 450 – AED 600
20 mmBrushedAED 420 – AED 570
30 mmBrushedAED 470 – AED 620
20 mmTumbledAED 400 – AED 550
30 mmTumbledAED 450 – AED 600


Arbescato Silver Marble is a type of natural stone known for its striking silver and white hues, accented with unique grey veining. It’s a popular choice for both residential and commercial interiors due to its beauty and versatility.

This marble can be used in various applications, including countertops, flooring, wall cladding, bathroom vanities, fireplace surrounds, and decorative accents.

Yes, Arbescato Silver Marble is durable and suitable for high-traffic areas. However, like all natural stones, it requires proper care and maintenance to preserve its beauty.

Regular cleaning with a mild detergent and periodic sealing are recommended. Avoid using acidic or abrasive cleaners, and promptly clean up spills to prevent staining.

While it can be used outdoors, it’s important to consider the climate and exposure to elements. In areas with freeze-thaw cycles, it may not be the best choice.

Marble is porous, so it can stain if not properly sealed and maintained. Sealing the marble helps prevent stains, and prompt cleanup of spills is crucial.

The price of Arbescato Silver Marble can vary based on factors such as quality, thickness, and finish. It’s generally considered a premium marble, so it may be more expensive than some other options.

Yes, Arbescato Silver Marble can be used for kitchen countertops and backsplashes. However, it’s important to be mindful of its susceptibility to staining and etching from acidic substances.

Installation should be done by professional stone installers or fabricators. They will ensure proper fitting, sealing, and finishing for optimal results.

Arbescato Silver Marble can be purchased from reputable marble suppliers and distributors in Dubai, such as Arifeen Marble, which specializes in high-quality marble products and installation services.