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Bathroom Vanity

Modern white bathroom vanity with marble countertop and chrome fixtures
Travel to UAE and transform your bathroom with a stunning bathroom vanity from Arifeen Marble. As a leading supplier and installer of marble, tile, onyx, and travertine, we offer a wide range of options to suit your style and budget. Whether you’re in Dubai, Ajman, Sharjah, Ras Al Khaimah, Fujairah, or Abu Dhabi, we have the expertise to create the perfect vanity for your space. Upgrade your bathroom with Arifeen Marble today.

Bathroom Vanity: Elevating Your Bathroom Decor

A bathroom vanity is a stylish and functional piece of furniture that can elevate the decor of your bathroom. It provides storage space for toiletries, towels, and other essentials, while also serving as a focal point in the room. With a wide range of styles, materials, and finishes to choose from, you can customize your vanity to suit your personal taste and complement the overall design of your bathroom. Whether you prefer a sleek modern look or a more traditional aesthetic, a well-chosen vanity can enhance the beauty and functionality of your bathroom space.

Vanity for Your Bathroom: Transforming Your Space

Vanity for your bathroom is a stylish and functional addition that can completely transform the look and feel of your space. With a variety of styles, sizes, and finishes to choose from, you can customize your vanity to suit your personal taste and needs. Not only does a vanity provide valuable storage space for toiletries and other essentials, but it also serves as a focal point in the room. Whether you prefer a sleek modern design or a more traditional look, a vanity can elevate the overall aesthetic of your bathroom and create a luxurious atmosphere.

1. Different Styles of Bathroom Vanity Cabinets

Different Styles of Bathroom Vanity Cabinets

When it comes to choosing a bathroom vanity cabinet, there are several different styles to consider. Each style offers a unique look and functionality, so it’s important to choose one that fits your personal taste and needs. Here are some popular styles of bathroom vanity cabinets:

1. Traditional

Traditional bathroom vanity cabinets are characterized by their classic and timeless design. They often feature ornate details, such as raised panel doors, decorative molding, and antique hardware. These cabinets are perfect for those who prefer a more formal and elegant look in their bathroom.

2. Modern

Modern bathroom vanity cabinets have sleek and minimalist designs. They typically feature clean lines, simple hardware, and a glossy finish. These cabinets are ideal for those who prefer a contemporary and streamlined look in their bathroom.

3. Rustic

Rustic bathroom vanity cabinets have a warm and inviting feel. They often feature distressed wood finishes, natural textures, and vintage hardware. These cabinets are perfect for those who prefer a cozy and charming look in their bathroom.

4. Transitional

Transitional bathroom vanity cabinets blend elements of both traditional and modern styles. They often feature a mix of classic and contemporary design elements, such as clean lines with ornate details. These cabinets are versatile and can work well in a variety of bathroom styles.

5. Floating

Floating bathroom vanity cabinets are mounted to the wall, giving the illusion that they are floating. These cabinets have a modern and space-saving design, making them perfect for small bathrooms or those who prefer a minimalist look.

6. Custom

Custom bathroom vanity cabinets are made to order and can be tailored to your specific preferences. You can choose the size, style, finish, and hardware to create a unique and personalized look for your bathroom.

Bathroom Vanity Price in Dubai

Company Name Price
Home Centre AED 500
ACE Hardware AED 700
Arifeen Marble GET quotation

Bathroom Vanity Cutting

At Arifeen Marble, we specialize in bathroom vanity cutting services that will elevate the look of your bathroom. Our team of experts is highly skilled in working with marble, tile, onyx, and other materials to create custom designs that suit your style and space. We take pride in our attention to detail and commitment to quality, ensuring that your bathroom vanity is not only beautiful but also durable and long-lasting. Trust us to bring your vision to life in Dubai, Ajman, Sharjah, Ras Al Khaimah, Fujairah, and Abu Dhabi. Choose Arifeen Marble for all your bathroom vanity cutting needs.

Bathroom Vanity Installation

Looking to upgrade your bathroom with a beautiful new vanity? Look no further than Arifeen Marble! Our team of expert installers will ensure that your new vanity is installed quickly and efficiently, leaving you with a stunning and functional bathroom space. With years of experience in the industry, we are the go-to supplier and installer for marble, tile, onyx, raised floor, carpet, and travertine in the UAE. We serve all states including Dubai, Ajman, Sharjah, Ras Al Khaimah, Fujairah, and Abu Dhabi. Trust Arifeen Marble for all your bathroom vanity installation needs.

Bathroom Vanity Polishing

At Arifeen Marble, we specialize in bathroom vanity polishing services that will leave your marble surfaces looking brand new. Our team of skilled professionals are experts in the field of marble, tile, onyx, raised floor, carpet, and travertine installation, supply, and polishing. We take pride in providing top-notch services to our clients in all states of the UAE, including Dubai, Ajman, Sharjah, Ras Al Khaimah, Fujairah, and Abu Dhabi. Trust us to bring out the natural beauty of your bathroom vanity with our exceptional polishing services. Contact us today for a consultation and let us help you achieve the luxurious look you desire.


What are the different types of materials used for bathroom vanities and their pros and cons?

Types of Materials Used for Bathroom Vanities

1. Wood:

Pros: Durable, classic look, can be stained or painted in various colors.

Cons: Can be susceptible to water damage if not properly sealed.

2. MDF (Medium Density Fiberboard):

Pros: Affordable, smooth finish, easy to paint.

Cons: Not as durable as wood, can swell or warp if exposed to moisture.

3. Glass:

Pros: Modern and sleek look, easy to clean.

Cons: Can show water spots and fingerprints easily, may require more maintenance.

4. Marble:

Pros: Luxurious look, durable, heat-resistant.

Cons: Expensive, can be prone to staining if not properly sealed.

5. Metal:

Pros: Industrial look, durable, easy to clean.

Cons: Can show scratches and dents easily, may rust if not properly cared for.

What are some popular design trends for bathroom vanities?

Popular Design Trends for Bathroom Vanities

  • Minimalist and sleek designs
  • Open shelving for a modern look
  • Floating vanities for a contemporary feel
  • Customizable options for personalized style
  • Integrated sinks for a seamless look
  • Mixed materials such as wood and metal for a unique touch

What are some key factors to consider when choosing a bathroom vanity for your space?

Key Factors to Consider When Choosing a Bathroom Vanity

When choosing a bathroom vanity for your space, there are several key factors to consider:

  • Size: Make sure the vanity fits comfortably in your bathroom without overwhelming the space.
  • Style: Choose a vanity that complements the overall design aesthetic of your bathroom.
  • Storage: Consider how much storage space you need for toiletries, towels, and other bathroom essentials.
  • Material: Select a material that is durable and easy to clean, such as wood or marble.
  • Countertop: Choose a countertop material that is both stylish and functional, such as quartz or granite.
  • Hardware: Pay attention to the hardware on the vanity, such as handles and knobs, to ensure they match the rest of your bathroom fixtures.

What are some creative ways to maximize storage in a bathroom vanity?

Some creative ways to maximize storage in a bathroom vanity:

  • Utilize drawer dividers to separate and organize smaller items.
  • Install a pull-out shelf for easy access to items at the back of the cabinet.
  • Use stackable bins or baskets to make use of vertical space.
  • Hang a door organizer on the inside of the cabinet door for additional storage.
  • Consider adding a lazy susan to easily access items in the corners of the cabinet.

What are some unique and innovative features that can be incorporated into a modern bathroom vanity design?

Unique and Innovative Features for Modern Bathroom Vanity Design

1. LED Lighting: Incorporating LED lights into the vanity design can provide both functional lighting for grooming tasks and ambient lighting for a modern touch. 2. Smart Technology: Adding smart features such as built-in Bluetooth speakers, USB charging ports, or motion sensor lighting can enhance the functionality of the vanity. 3. Floating Design: A floating vanity design can create a sleek and modern look while also maximizing floor space in smaller bathrooms. 4. Integrated Storage: Including innovative storage solutions such as pull-out drawers, hidden compartments, or adjustable shelving can help keep the vanity organized and clutter-free. 5. Customizable Finishes: Offering customizable finishes such as matte black, brushed gold, or textured wood can allow homeowners to personalize their vanity to match their unique style. 6. Eco-Friendly Materials: Using sustainable materials such as bamboo, reclaimed wood, or recycled glass can create a more environmentally friendly vanity design. 7. Touchless Faucets: Installing touchless faucets can add a hygienic and modern touch to the vanity while also reducing water waste. 8. Built-in Vanity Seating: Incorporating built-in seating options such as a cushioned bench or stool can provide a comfortable and convenient space for getting ready in the morning. 9. Mirror Defogger: Adding a mirror defogger feature can prevent the mirror from steaming up after a hot shower, ensuring clear visibility at all times. 10. Customizable Lighting: Offering customizable lighting options such as dimmable LED strips or color-changing LEDs can create a personalized and luxurious atmosphere in the bathroom.